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Thai Lottery Result Live Today 16 August 2022

Find Thai Lottery Today Result 16-08-2022 here, Thai Government Lottery Results will Declare Today At 02:30 PM. Thailand’s official national lottery is administered by The Thai Government Lottery Office (GLO). The latest Thai Lottery Results are always updated on top when colorful balls spin. Thai people always play Thailand Lottery.

Thai Lottery Result 01-08-2022

Thai Lottery Result 01-08-2022


Thailand Lottery Result Chart 2022 (หวยรัฐบาลไทย) Winners List

Thai Lottery Tips

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Some Questions About Thai Lottery Raised By People

How can we participate Thai lottery?

You should buy some Thai lottery tickets as per your choice and be a member to win.

Foreigners May Play And Win Is it True?

Anyone can take part and win the state lottery in Thailand. Individuals who win a prize in the state lottery, the results of which are announced on the 1st and 16th of each month, must claim their prize within two years of the drawing and pay a tax of 0.5% on the winnings.

How Can You win Thai Lottery Online?

You must check our provided latest tips and formulas. Make your Final Number while following our given tips and tricks

How can we win both times in a month?

It is possible, because you have a God-gifted genius mind but how to utilize and conquer your generosity. If your mind clicks some of our tips you may easily win both times.

Thai Lottery Facebook

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Thai Lottery Tips And Players Tricks

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Thailand Lottery Tips

Here you can find all types of Thailand lottery tips 2022. We always manage to improve digits standard and make sure the final digits may become your winning number. So, stay tuned to is an immense pleasure for all players that we have a strong team of Stars knowledge which always keen to put final draw numbers on our site, which may become a cause of your first prize. Yes, we pay for them due to your strong support, one thing must remember that if you choose 3 digits then make sure you must take 6 numbers from all of three. Maintain plus, minus. multiplication, division of those 3 digits then see results

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Thai Lottery Magazine

Lottery tickets had been first issued within side the reign 1868–1910 of King Rama V. At that point, the king granted the Royal Bodyguard permission to function a lottery at the event of his birthday in 1874. Lotteries had been then held intermittently till 1933 once they have become a general authorities sales source.

Thai Lottery Price and Managing Authority

Over the years the rate of lottery price tag has climbed from {1} baht to its gift respectable rate of (80) baht, despite the fact that that rate has been seldom observed, a surcharge always being added. Thailand’s respectable country-wide lottery is run through The Government Lottery Office GLO. The lottery is drawn on the primary and the 16th of each month. It is one of all the best types of legalized playing approved in Thailand, the opposite being horse racing in Bangkok. The payout ratio for the Thai lottery is 60percentcompared with world-huge averages of 74% for bingo, 81% for horse racing, 89% for slot machines, and 98% for blackjack. It is the maximum famous criminal shape of playing in Thailand.

The strict legal guidelines that forbid different playing sports consequences with inside the GLO pocketing 28% of lottery income for nation use.

Charter Of GLO

The Government Lottery (สลากกินแบ่ง รัฐบาล) Office Act B.E. 2517 became enacted on eleven September 1974, and have become powerful on 1 October 1974

Military Fixation Thai Lottery Price

Starting sixteen June 2015, the army authorities have mandated that the rate of a lottery price tag will now no longer exceed eighty baht. Starting 1 August 2015, what’s generally known as the “jackpot” or bonus first prize of twenty-two or 30 million baht could be removed.
Lottery providers could be cabin a position to shop for lottery tickets at once from GLO beneath a scheme to lessen the excessive rate of lottery tickets. Direct buy is to be had best via Krung Thai Bank. Vendors need to first sign in with the GLO and need to open financial institution bills for charge in their purchases. The new association will cross into impact with the sixteen October 2015 drawing.

The Foundation Of GLO

The Foundation Of GLO is the largest recipient, having a hard and fast quota of 9,213,500 tickets. Another constant price, price tag quotas as of that date had been. Association of Retired GLO Employees: 2,129,800 tickets.

GLO Lottery Percentage

In May 2015 the GLO board adjusted the lottery rate shape beneath which 60% of the sales earned through the GLO is allotted for prize money. The sales dispatched through the GLO to the treasury could be reduced from 23% to 20% with the distinction visit the GLO as control fees. Three percentage could be allotted to installation a fund for social sports, 2% as a reduction for foundations, associations, and organizations, and 12% as a reduction for shops or lottery providers.

Ticket Buying

Lottery tickets are offered to country-wide wholesalers who then promote them directly to neighborhood shops. Tickets are to be had best from retail agents. Lottery tickets come in “price tag pairs”. The respectable price of an unmarried price tag is forty baht, however, lottery tickets can best be bought in price tag pairs, making the respectable retail rate eighty baht.

Thai Government Lottery Tickets

The Results Show that there are many more than five the Thai public was misled about the existence of the “five tigers” after complete check, and that the biggest GLO Foundation tiger is the biggest tiger, a purpose-made mechanism designed to oversee the allocation of money to charities.
Thai Government Lottery tickets 74 million printed for the bi-weekly lottery since 2014, 22.74 million or 30.7% of them were allotted to 10 organizations. The GLO Foundation is the biggest recipient, having a fixed quota of 9,213,500 tickets.

Prize Quantity Value ( Baht )
1st 01 Number 6,000,000
2nd 05 Numbers 200,000
3rd 10 Numbers 80,000
4th 50 Numbers 40,000
5th 100 20,000
Extra Prizes that is Related and the Numbers are Closest to 1st Prize 2 100,000
in First 3 Digits: Draw 02 Times 2000 4,000
In Last Three Digits: Draw 02 Times 2000 4000
In Two Digits: Draw 1 Times 10000 2000

Thai Lottery Types

There are two styles of Thai lottery tickets. The first is the Thai Government Lottery (TGL) price tag. The 2d is the Thai Charity Lottery (TCL) price tag. These titles are published on the top left of every price tag. Aside from the names, the 2 vary best of their first prize payouts and the quantity of tax to be paid on winnings. TGL tickets have a primary prize of six million baht, an advantage prize of 30 million*, and are taxed at 0.five%. TCL tickets have a primary prize of 3 million baht, an advantage prize of twenty-two million*, and are taxed at 1%.

Bonus Prize Removal

Bonus prize removed through the army authorities after 1 Aug 2015.

Each person’s price tag is priced at eighty baht, and the price tag pair at a hundred and sixty baht. Single tickets aren’t offered best price tag pairs.

Live Thai Lottery Result And Chairman

All drawings are televised from 15:00 to 16:00 on the day of the draw. The following process is followed:

But December of each year has 3 Draws which starts from 1st of December , 16 December and 30th December while January new year has only single Draw in whole month on 17th of January
1- One of the traffic is named “Draw Chairman”.
2- Guests take a look at the equipment, numbers of balls, and search for anomalies.
3- Randomly selects balls numbers by Draw Chairman to initialize each draw machine.
4- Randomly selects a colored ball by the chairman to determine the order of lesser prize draws. Four colored balls signify particular prizes: yellow for second prize, purple for 1/3 prize, green for 4th prize, and blue for 5th prize.
5- Six-digit numbers are drawn for the second, 1/3, 4th, and 5th prizes. Total draws 165.
6- Three-digit numbers are drawn for the 3-digit prize. Total draws 4.
7- A -digit extensive range is drawn for the 2-digit prize. Total draws one.
8- A six-digit extensive range is drawn for the number one prize. Total draws one. Also delivered are the ±1 particular prize numbers.9Draw a -digit extensive range for the Thai Government Lottery bonus prize of 30 million baht*.
9- Draw a -digit extensive range for the Thai Charity Lottery bonus prize of 22 million baht*.
10- Following the last three draws, officials dispose of balls from machines to show that all 10 numbers have been gifts.

First Prize

The first prize for all six correct numbers is million baht (TGL) or 3 million baht (TCL) in keeping with the rate tag. As tickets are presented in pairs, the published prize amount is doubled. Doubling applies to all prizes except for the 22 million and 30 million baht bonus prizes. There are 5-second prizes of one hundred,000 baht, ten third prizes of forty,000, fifty prizes of 20,000 for fourth, a hundred 10,000 baht prizes for fifth, and a 50,000 baht consolation prize for the six-digit triumphing extensive range plus or minus one official Prizes for Thai Government and Thai Charity Lotteries on 1 August 2014 – 16 July 2015

Lottery Draw Date

Lottery drawings at the number one and sixteenth of each month are televised on National Broadcasting Services of Thailand and Spring News starting at 14:30 on Spring News and 15:00 on NBT moreover simulcast on Radio Thailand Domestic Service. in 2016 the draw moreover simulcasted on Thairath TV starting from 14:00. Towards the give up of the show, truly in advance than 16:00, the triumphing numbers are displayed. The Government Lottery Office website posts the results. Payout examples 2 June 2015 for Thai Government and Thai Charity Lotteries

Claiming A Prize

Prizes want to be claimed internal years of the draw date. Prizes of an awful lot much less than 20,000 baht are paid in cash via a lottery retail vendor. A one or percent price is deducted from gross winnings. For prizes of greater than 20,000 baht, the triumphing rate tag and its holder want to be observed in character at the government lottery place of work in Nonthaburi in which a cheque will be issued. All winnings are a trouble to tax: 0.50% on the Thai Government Lottery and 1% on the Thai Charity Lottery.

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Note: Terms and Conditions
All Term & conditions evaporated professionally by Thai lottery. Each and Every Ticket Holder must follow those terms like Winning Prize Claim period of one year if it exceeded then lottery Ticket will be cancelled. Prize Money will be as per schedule of Government Office.
Who will Take Prize Money?
Who will have Winning Lottery Number will take Prize money .

If Lottery Ticket couldn’t sell before Draw?
Prize will automatically reduce when Lottery Ticket at hold and not sold

Who will Pay Stamp Pay Duty Charges?
First Prize winner will pay charges of Pay Stamp Duty at rate of 1 Baht of prize money each 200Baht or fraction of 200 Baht